Metabolism 1978 Apr;27(4):487-501
Hormones in breast cancer: update 1978.

McGuire WL, Horwitz KB, Zava DT, Garola RE, Chamness GC

The role of cytoplasmic estrogen receptor (ER) assays in determining therapeutic strategies for advanced breast cancer is certainly well established. The use of ER assays in the primary breast tumor specimen to predict for early recurrence and ultimate survival is a new finding, however, and will probably be employed in future trials of adjuvant therapy. The prevalence and significance of nuclear-bound ER still requires additional clarification. Our previous suggestion that progesterone receptor measurements might be a useful marker for hormone dependence in advanced breast cancer is gaining support and may soon have a place in routine therapeutic decision-making. The emphasis on early adjuvant therapy has hastened the search for a safe endocrine therapy that would have good patient compliance and achieve remission rates comparable to previous agents and procedures. Antiestrogens show promise of meeting these requirements. We are now beginning an era in which primary and secondary systemic therapies for breast cancer can be based on sound biologic principles. The empirical approach is outdated. Publication Types: Review PMID: 345042, UI: 78134944

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