Fibrocystis is most often a sign of estrogen dominance; relatively high estrogen and low progesterone. Using natural progesterone cream routinely resolves the problem. This treatment is simple, safe, inexpensive, effective, and natural not to mention a lot less painful!  Many women suffer from painful breasts each month before their menstrual periods. Exam by palpation may find tender lumps in the breast. Although this usually indicates fibrocystis, most doctors will routinely order a mammogram to look for cancer. In truth, cancer lumps in breasts are rarely, if ever, painful. Receiving a mammogram when one is suffering from fibrocystic breasts is quite painful. The mammogram may bring up the prospect of cancer and the doctor will advise for a surgical removal of the cyst/tumor. When the surgery produces merely a cyst, the patient is supposed to feel grateful that it wasn't cancer.

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