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Controversy exists regarding the relationship of the degree of c-erbB-2 amplification to other prognostic factors in breast cancer.

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Progesterone Advocates Network was founded in 1996 by Shelly Black who has had a lifelong passion for natural solutions for healthy living.

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What People Say

The headache that I have had for the past 20 years is gone - after 4 days using progesterone cream - unbelievable! Also, my periods are pain free and regular for the first time in my life.

Anne Maguire, age 35, CA

Before I used progesterone cream I had hot flashes as often as every 20 minutes, I was depressed, had unpredictable mood swings. I tried everything that traditional medicine had to offer. After just 3 days of use, I slept through the night and my hot flashes were cut in half. I now enjoy each and every day of my life - happily.

Audrey Boyd, age 54, OH

Everyone says that I'm a new person to be around, I feel great, I'm glad to be off the pill (which my doctors put me on to control the pain from an ovarian cyst). I'm hopeful that on my next OBGYN visit that my cyst has decreased in size.

Gail Johnson, age 17, CA

4 ½ years ago I suffered with fibroids and had heavy hemorrhaging- with the use of progesterone cream they are no longer an issue and I've saved my uterus!

Jan Templeton, WA

I was one of those that took the 3 months to see the difference. I have systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and after hearing Dr. Lee's lecture, I became very committed to using progesterone cream. Now, for the first time in 20 years I have cramp-free periods with a 28-day cycle! My "monthly" acne has disappeared.

Joanne Clarke, CA

I have had irregular periods for the last 2 years and also had mild cramping for 3 out of 4 weeks of the month. After one month using progesterone I was relieved of the cramping and I got on a regular 28 day cycle.

Maria Beck, age 42, UT

My co-workers can now bare to work with me at 'that time of the month' as I'm no longer suffering from raging emotions. I also don't suffer from painful cramps anymore - previously they have always been completely debilitating. My periods have gone from 10 days to 3 days and my painful fibrocytis is gone!

Nicki Pope, age 31, CA

I haven't felt this great since I was 25 years old! I have more energy than I thought was possible and I sleep 'like a log' all night long - THANK YOU!

Sandra Black, age 64, CA

My mom's been on it for 3 months. She had gone for her annual pap last year and her results came back with 'irregularities'. Her recent examination showed she passed with flying colors.

Sylvia Hagen, NV